• SamsClub.com: An active Membership can access their Instant Savings through their online account on SamsClub.com, or on the Sam's Club mobile app. Desktop: The website is constantly updated with your Instant Savings information under the Your Account

  • Instant Savings help you save on items throughout the Club. Offers are automatically redeemed after you scan your membership card and then scan an IS item. Offers will be based upon top selling brands, popular products and new items available in club and online.

    what is a Sams savings membership? The Instant Savings Program offers extra discounts on select items giving you even more dollars off the already terrific, low prices at Sams Club. All Sams Club Members are automatically enrolled in the Instant Savings program. If you wish to opt out, please notify the Member Services Desk at your local Club.

    Keeping this in consideration, does Sams Club have a coupon book?

    Sams Club has some of the best deals on bulk items, and its monthly instant savings book makes your savings even sweeter. Lastly, dont forget that you can always find the most current deals, coupons, and offers at our Sams Club store page.

    Where do you enter promo code on Sams Club App?

    1. How a Promo Code is applied to an order during Checkout:
    2. Members must be signed in to apply a promo code and complete checkout.
    3. 1.) During checkout, select the Add an offer code link.
    4. 2.) Enter the code and select Apply.
    5. 3.) A succesful code application will show the discount in the Estimated savings.
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