• Serum value of amylase in mature healthy dogs varied from 250 to 1,500 Caraway units/dl and that of pancreatic lipase varied from 0 to 50 IU/L.

  • The increased amylase seen in dogs with conditions associated with decreased GFR (pre-renal, renal, post-renal azotemia) may be due to macroamylase formation. Intestinal disease/obstruction: Moderate elevations in amylase are possible.

    Furthermore, what is the normal hemoglobin range in dogs? Mayerson gave the average hemoglobin value as 13.01 grams per 100 cc. of blood, and Wintrobe4 found the average hemoglobin value in 3 normal male dogs to.be 15.5 grams. In these studies, 3 normal female dogs and 3 normal male dogs were used.

    In this manner, what is the normal range for amylase?

    However, most of the enzymes made in the pancreas are released into the small intestine. In a healthy individual, a normal blood amylase level is around 23-85 units per liter (U/L), although some lab ranges for normal amylase go up to 140 U/L. A normal lipase level can range from 0-160 U/L depending on the lab.

    What are normal albumin levels in dogs?

    Do not use human clinical pathology laboratories as their technology typically does not detect canine albumin (meaning that they routinely report serum albumin concentrations of < 1.5 gm/dl in clinically normal dogs).

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