• As mentioned, Sprint Complete includesenrollmentin Apple Care for eligible phones. Device repairs andreplacementsunder Apple Care cost across the board.Crackedscreen repairs are .

  • Service Fees range from to perapprovedrepair, depending upon the type of device and natureof thedamage and frequency of repair. For SprintCompletecustomers with eligible iPhone devices, there isnoadditional charge for device malfunctions.

    Furthermore, how much is the Sprint damaged device fee? Sprint Complete will cover the costsofrepair, however, in some cases, youll be required to pay aservicefee to have your cell phone fixed, which canrangefrom to depending on your device and theextent ofthe damage.

    Similarly, it is asked, does Sprint do screen repairs?

    Are all devices eligible for repair in aSprintPhone Repair Center? Most phones are eligible forin-storerepair. Customers without device protectioncanschedule an appointment at a Sprint Phone RepairCenter byvisiting sprint.com/storelocator.

    How much does it cost to fix cracked iPhone?

    Apple charges set fees for replacing abrokeniPhone screen, which start at just if its underAppleCarecoverage. Out of warranty, replacing the glassscreencosts -. Additional repairs, such as to theLCD ordigitizer layer, cost anywhere from to.

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