• Steps to Obtain a DoD 8570 Baseline Certification. STEP 1. CONTACT your Information Assurance Manager and follow your Component's procedures to IDENTIFY your position, level and certification requirements within the IA Workforce. (If you do not know who your IA Manager is contact your Component's OPR POC directly.)

  • DoD 8570 requires two certifications for compliance, an approved IA certification based on your assigned IAT level and a Computing Environment (CE) certification based on the equipment and software you work with for your primary duties.

    Similarly, what is DoD approved 8570 baseline certification? DoD 8570 establishes the policies and responsibilities of Department of Defense information assurance, including training, certification and workforce management. It is a baseline requirement for access to DoD IT systems.

    Consequently, what is a DoD 8570 certification?

    Department of Defense Directive 8570 (DoDD 8570) requires all government employees who conduct Information Assurance functions in assigned duty positions to carry an approved certification for their particular job classification.

    What is DoD 8570 IAT Level II?

    Within the IAT category are three category levels: Level 1: Computing environment information assurance. Level 2: Network environment information assurance. Level 3: Enclave, advanced network and computer information assurance.

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