• This delicious candied underwear is by far the most mischievous invention of the 21st century. Take a look at our provocative edible underwear on the exclusive Victoria's Secret runway.

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    Cotton Underwear and Panties for Women - Victorias Secret.

    Also Know, is there such thing as edible underwear? Edible underwear is a candy product which is made into a form and can function as underwear but which is edible. The product continues also to be sold through sex shops.

    In respect to this, does Victoria Secret still give free underwear?

    Say goodbye to endless free panties from Victorias Secret. The lingerie empire will no longer bestow those free panty coupons upon us, reports The Washington Post. They revealed that 40 percent of the customers who redeem the free panty actually dont end up buying anything else.

    Does Victoria Secret sell mens underwear?

    Because they knew that men will anyway wear their gorgeous undies anyway. Seriously, with a name like Victorias Secret, I cant imagine them selling mens underwear. There is no Victors secret. There is no reason why they cannot sell mens underwear, but the brand will dilute itself.

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