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    The ingredients of Red Hots include corn syrup, sucrose, acacia, carnaua wax, confectioner's glaze and artificial flavors. It also contains the artificial coloring ingredient red No. 40.

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    Secondly, are Red Hots good for you? Red Hots are great for satiating a sweet tooth without the fat and calories. Twenty pieces contain only 60 calories and are fat free. Cinnamons medicinal benefits are widely known.

    In this way, what makes Red Hots candy hot?

    Turns out Ferrara adds capsaicin to Atomic Fireballs to give them that little extra zing (or that lotta extra zing). Capsaicin is the compound that makes hot peppers spicy, and is found in everything from jalepeños to other hot candies.

    Is there cinnamon in Red Hots?

    Red Hots: Sinfully hot cinnamon. A powerful cinnamon kaboom in an itty-bitty bite. Originally called cinnamon imperials, these hard candies hit you from your nose to your toes. The candy of today likely uses cassia rather than Ceylon cinnamon.

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