• Manually put the bolt in the extended (lock) position. Press the PROGRAM button once, enter your new 4 - 8 digit code and then press the LOCK button. 2. Press the PROGRAM button twice, enter the same or a new code and then press the LOCK button once.

    1. Open the door.
    2. Remove battery cover.
    3. Press the program button once.
    4. Enter new user code.
    5. Press lock button.
    6. If programming is successful the keypad will flash green once, and you will hear one beep.

    Also, how do you reset a Kwikset keyless entry lock? A factory reset will delete all codes associated with the lock.

    1. Make sure the door is open and unlocked.
    2. Press and hold the program button for 30 seconds using the SmartKey tool or a paper clip. You will hear one long beep.
    3. Press and release the program button. You will hear one short beep.

    Secondly, how do you reset a Kwikset deadbolt?

    You can factory default your Kwikset Z-Wave Lock by removing the locks cover and then removing the locks battery pack to power the lock down. Then press and hold the Program button. Keep the button held down as you reapply power to the lock. Then wait, and press one more time to reset.

    What is the master code for Kwikset?

    The default Mastercode is 0-0-0-0. It is recommended that you change it to a code of your own.

  • I used the factory key set and it worked like new for me and an emergency locksmith near me has provided that key.

  • I lost my door lock keys during my vacations but a locksmith from locksmith lakewood firm made a new key that works the same as the original one.

  • @ricardotimithy that's interesting!

  • @dawidbrook yes good that you found the way in 🙂

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