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    Top 10 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Jaws

    • #1 Kangal. With an almost unbelievable bite force of 734 psi, the Kangal doubtless has the strongest jaws in the world.
    • #2 Bandog.
    • #4 Wolf/Dog Hybrid.
    • #5 Rottweiler.
    • #6 American Bulldog.
    • #7 German Shepherd.
    • #8 American Pit Bull.
    • #9 Chow Chow.

  • The Rottweilers were the strongest and topped with 328 pounds of bite pressure. German Shepherds came in second with a 238 measured bite force, and the American Pit Bull Terrier came in third with 235 pounds of pressure.

    One may also ask, what animals have the strongest jaws? Here the list of 10 most powerful animal bites.

    • 7 Grizzly Bear – Bite Force : 1200 psi.
    • 6 Gorilla – Bite Force : 1300 psi.
    • 5 Jaguar : 2000 psi.
    • 4 Hippopotamus – Bite Force : 1825 psi.
    • 3 American Alligator – Bite Force : 2125 psi.
    • 2 Saltwater Crocodile – Bite Force : 3690 psi.
    • 1 Nile Crocodile – Bite Force : 5000 psi.

    Also know, which dog breeds have lock jaw?

    The infamous “locking jaw” myth has been assigned to a variety of dog breeds, including the American Staffordshire Terrier, Bulldog and Boxer, but its exactly that — a myth. No type of dog has been found to have a mechanism that enables them to “lock” their top and bottom jaws together.

    Do pit bulls have stronger jaws than other dogs?

    Pit bulls have locking jaws and more biting power than other breeds. The Rottweiler had the toughest bite with 328 pounds of force, the German shepherd came in second with 238 pounds of force, and the pit bull bit with 235 pounds of force — the lowest of the group.

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