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    • Senegal is located in Africa.

    • Located on the coast of West Africa, the African country of Senegal is surrounded by five other countries in Africa. Known by many as the Republic of Senegal, the country is bordered in the south by the Gambia, which is a collective term that refers to an area of land along the Gambia River. Guinea-Bissau also surrounds the country of Senegal in the southwest, Mauritania in the north, Guinea in the southeast, and Mali in the east.

    • The GPS coordinates are a latitude of 14.4974° N and a longitude of 14.4524° W. These points are evident that Senegal exists above the equator, in both the northern and western hemispheres of the planet.

    • The northernmost point of Senegal is found on Morfil Island. At a latitude of 16°41' N, this point can be located in the small town of Podor. The most extreme point in the south of Senegal is at a latitude of 12°18' N. As part of the Kédougou Region of Senegal; the southernmost point is along the border between Senegal and Guinea. This point is just south of the town of Dindefelo.

    • In the east, Senegal reaches an extremity of 11°22' W. This longitudinal coordinate falls in the Tambacounda Region of Senegal. The easternmost point of Senegal falls along the separating line between Mali and Senegal. To the west, the most extreme point of Senegal is in the Dakar Region of the country. The westernmost point of Senegal is in Dakar City with a longitudinal coordinate of 17°27' W.

    • Senegal ranks as the 86th largest country based on total area. The total area of Senegal is approximately 75,954 square miles, of which 74,336 squares miles are land, and 1,619 square miles are water areas. In percentages, these values equate to a country that is approximately 97.9% land and 2.1% water.

    • Senegal’s population is the 72nd largest among all countries in the world. As of 2018, the population of Senegal is about 16,509,679 people. In terms of population densities, Senegal is number 147 on the list of 241 dependencies and countries all around the world in order of greatest population densities.

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