Tiny Liechtenstein, not quite as large as Washington, DC, lies on the east bank of the Rhine River, south of Lake Constance, between Austria and Switzerland. It consists of low valley land and alpine peaks. Falknis (8,401 ft; 2,561 m) and Naafkopf (8,432 ft; 2,570 m) are the tallest.

What's happening in Liechtenstein

  • Eschen (High Alemannic: Escha) is a municipality in the north of Liechtenstein It has a population of 4,466, and covers an area of 103 square kilometres (4

  • Vaduz (; German pronunciation: [faˈdʊt͡s] or [vaˈduːt͡s], High Alemannic pronunciation: [faˈdot͡s]) is the capital of Liechtenstein and also the seat of the national parliament The city, which is located along the Rhine River, has 5,696 residents The most prominent landmark of Vaduz is Vaduz Castle, being perched atop a steep hill in the middle of the city

  • Triesenberg is a municipality in Liechtenstein with a population of 2,636 Its area of 30 square kilometres (12 sq mi) makes it the largest municipality in Liechtenstein The center of the municipality rests at an elevation of 884–1,000 metres (2,900–3,281 ft)

  • Schellenberg is a municipality in the lowland area of Liechtenstein, on the banks of the Rhine As of 2019, it has a population of 1,107 and covers an area of 35 km2 (1

  • Schaanwald is a village of Liechtenstein, located in the municipality of Mauren

  • Schaan (German pronunciation: [ʃaːn]) is the largest municipality of Liechtenstein by population It is located to the north of Vaduz, the capital, in the central part of the country As of 2019 it has a population of 6,039 making it the most populous administrative district in Liechtenstein

  • Ruggell is a municipality of Liechtenstein It is the northernmost and lowest elevated municipality As of 2019, it has a population of 2,322

  • Planken is a municipality in Oberland, Liechtenstein It has four exclaves, two enclaves and a population of 473 Thus by population it is the smallest municipality of Liechtenstein

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