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    James M. Stitt, president and CEO of Cutco Corp., and his father, James E.

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    Cutco is not a pyramid scheme. They provide you with real products, and you dont even have to recruit or establish a downline and earn commission from them.

    Additionally, are Cutco knives made in USA? Cutco, established in 1949, is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. Cutcos product line includes kitchen knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sporting knives. More than 600 employees work at Cutcos factory and administrative headquarters in Olean, New York.

    In this way, how much do Cutco sales reps make?

    Cutco Salaries in the United States

    Sales Average Salary Sales Representative 14 salaries reported .62 per hour Sales Associate 25 salaries reported .72 per hour Inside Sales Representative 52 salaries reported ,340 per year Customer Service/Sales Representative 6 salaries reported .00 per hour
    Is cutco a good knife?

    Cutco uses low grade stainless for their knives. The thing that really endears people to Cutco though is the warranty. Cutco claims that at any moment if you knives break they will replace them: period. It is a great selling point, and their products are good enough that they dont have to actually act on it that often.

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