• Shallow Processing. Shallow processing is a way individuals process information according to the levels of processing theory developed by Craik and Lockhart. They theorized that memory recall was based on the depth of processing and that deeper and more meaningful processing made recall easier.

  • Depth of processing falls on a shallow to deep continuum. Shallow processing (e.g., processing based on phonemic and orthographic components) leads to a fragile memory trace that is susceptible to rapid decay. Conversely, deep processing (e.g., semantic processing) results in a more durable memory trace.

    what is deep processing in memory? Deep Processing. Deep processing refers to one of the extreme ends of the level of processing spectrum of mental recall through analysis of language used. Deep processing requires the use of semantic processing (how words work together to create meaning) which creates a much stronger memory trace.

    Secondly, what is an example of shallow processing?

    Shallow Processing E.g. the typeface of a word or how the letters look. 2. Phonemic processing – which is when we encode its sound. Shallow processing only involves maintenance rehearsal (repetition to help us hold something in the STM) and leads to fairly short-term retention of information.

    What is meant by depth of processing?

    By depth of processing, we mean, the way in which a person thinks about a piece of information, for example, a shallow level of processing of a word would be to skim over a sentence and to understand the sentence without dwelling on the individual word.

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