• A starting bush pilot salary might be ,500 per month, while more seasoned pilots operating larger airplanes can earn ,000 to ,000 per month or more, Saulnier says. Average mean wage for commercial pilots of nonscheduled operators is about ,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • The FedEx and UPS pilots are among the higher paid pilots at the airlines. With all that being said, the highest paid pilots (at least for scheduled airlines) would be the senior Captains on the larger aircraft. The captains on the 787s, 777s, A350s, A380s and such will typically be the best paid pilots.

    what does a bush pilot do? A bush pilot is a person who is able to fly a light to medium size aircraft safely in and out of places that would normally be regarded by most other pilots as marginal, too dangerous or impossible. Generally these are areas that are inaccessible to most aircraft and other means of transportation.

    Keeping this in consideration, what does it take to be a bush pilot?

    A Bush- and Mountain flying course includes 5 hours ground- and 5 hours flight training and costs around with two nights lodging. An Advanced Bush Pilot Course can take up to 5 days, and will include 5-7 hours ground training and 5-7 hours flight training. You will become one of “them,” a bush pilot.

    Why is being a bush pilot dangerous?

    Heidi Ruess, an Anchorage-based bush pilot with 40 years experience, says, You cant compare Alaskan flying with the rest of the country. Volatile Alaskan weather and vertical topography can cause pilots to lose visibility in fog and fly into steep mountainsides.

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