• As diastase, amylase is the first enzyme to be discovered and isolated. Specific amylase proteins are designated by different Greek letters. All amylases are glycoside hydrolases and act on α-1,4-glycosidic bonds. A diastase is any one of a group of enzymes that catalyzes the breakdown of starch into maltose.

  • Diastase has come from the Greek word diastatis that means separation . Diastase is an enzyme that is present in malt , it is produced during germination of seeds. Diastase is helpful for the transformation of starch into maltose and then finally it converts into glucose .

    Also Know, what is the function of Diastase enzyme? Diastase disintegrate the starch and convert it into maltose. It is obtained from an important enzyme that acts as a catalyst in the breakdown of carbohydrates to transform it into an easily digestible form. It is known to aid the process of digestion and other gastric functions.

    Regarding this, what are the components of Diastase enzyme?

    Alpha amylase degrades starch to a mixture of the disaccharide maltose; the trisaccharide maltotriose, which contains three α (1-4)-linked glucose residues; and oligosaccharides, known as dextrins, that contain the α (1-6)-linked glucose branches. Diastase was the first enzyme discovered.

    Where is Diastase found?

    Diastase can now be found not only in malt but from barley seeds, plants, milk and even our own saliva. With diastase levels normal in the human body carbohydrates are digestible by conversion into sugars. The enzymes found in our saliva are actually Glucoamylase and amylase.

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