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    • Russia is located in Europe.

    • As a very northern country of the world, Russia has a latitude of 61.5240° N. As such, Russia is situated to the north of the equator. The longitude of Russia is 105.3188° E, placing Russia in the eastern hemisphere. The GPS coordinates of Russia put Russia in the northern hemisphere as well.

    • In the north, Russia reaches its farthest point in two different locations. There are two very northern points of the country because one is on the mainland, but the other lies offshore on an island. On the mainland, Russia's northernmost point is in the cape of Chelyuskin of Russia's Taymyr Peninsula. The latitudinal coordinate of this northern point is 77°43' N.

    • Looking to northern offshore points of Russia, the furthest point has a latitude of 81°51' N. The Franz Josef Land is the name of a vast archipelago in Russia, which is the location of the northernmost point of Russia with islands included. This point is positioned in Cape Fligely on the island of Rudolf.

    • The southernmost point of Russia is on the border shared by Russia and Azerbaijan. In particular, the most extreme southern point of Russia is in the Republic of Dagestan. It has a latitude of 41°11' N, placing this southern point of extremity above the equator.

    • In the east, Russia's extremity is a situation similar to the country's northernmost point. On the mainland of Russia, the furthest point to the east can be found in Cape Dezhnev. The longitude of this point is 169°40' W. By looking at the islands that are considered Russian territory; it was found that the Big Diomede Island in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The longitude of this point is 169°01' W, which also happens to be the most western point of all countries in the world.

    • The country's westernmost point has a longitudinal coordinate of 19°38' E, which falls within the boundaries of the village of Narmeln. Located in the Russian Federation's Kaliningrad Oblast, this point is part of Vistula Spit, near the Baltic Sea.

    • Russia’s total area is approximately 6,323,142 square miles. As the country with the greatest landmass, Russia accounts for 11% of the world's total area. The population of Russia as of 2019 is about 143,929,228 people. With a population that exceeds one-hundred-and-forty-three million people, Russia ranks as the ninth most populous country in the whole world.

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