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    Pros of Living in Plovdiv

    ✅ Affordable to live

    ✅ Very safe

    ✅ Fast internet

    ✅ Warm now

    ✅ Perfect humidity now

    ✅ Good air quality on average

    ✅ Spacious and not crowded

    ✅ Easy to do business

    ✅ High quality of education

    ✅ Roads are very safe

    ✅ Democratic

    ✅ People can speak basic English

    ✅ Safe for women

    ✅ Family friendly

    Cons of Living in Plovdiv

    ❌ Freedom of speech is weak

    ❌ Not much to do

    ❌ Gets cold in the winter

    ❌ Not many Nomad List members go here

    ❌ Hospitals are bad

    ❌ Hostile towards LGBTQ+

    ❌ Many people smoke tobacco

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    By far one of the best cities in Bulgaria, located in the center of the country, with good views upon the Balkans + Rila Rodopi mountains. Has good scenery from 2-3 hills + cheap food/drinks and so on! Fully recommend for those who wanna see it!

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    According to all the sources I've read the tap water in Plovdiv is completely fine to drink. Not sure why Nomadlist is saying it's contaminated. Nice and green city, lot of parks and hills. Very cheap!

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    The pollution from cars is the worst thing about Plovdiv. Well also the showers that take up the entire bathroom. The fascinating, long history is the best thing here. People are polite, decent, and helpful.

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    I've been here for the last 5 months. People are extremely friendly the weather has been amazing (on the too hot side, during the summer). You can drink tap water, Nomadlist, check that. It is very cheap, walkable, plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants. It is very safe. The gym scene is not great but you can survive. Not many hipsters, but overloaded with instagrammers (like everywhere else, I guess). All in all, it's a beautiful city, safe, affordable, welcoming (if you are white). Racist graffiti is all over, but I haven't heard of any violence. That part is sad. Sometimes I think I'll stay here forever, sometimes other cities want me to know them.

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