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    Pros of Living in Vancouver

    ✅ Very safe

    ✅ Fast internet

    ✅ Good air quality on average

    ✅ Nomad List members liked going here a lot

    ✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round

    ✅ Spacious and not crowded

    ✅ Very easy to do business

    ✅ High quality of education

    ✅ Great hospitals

    ✅ Roads are very safe

    ✅ Great freedom of speech

    ✅ Democratic

    ✅ Everyone speaks English

    ✅ Very safe for women

    ✅ Very family friendly

    ✅ Very friendly to LGBTQ+

    Cons of Living in Vancouver

    ❌ Way too expensive

    ❌ Not much to do

    ❌ Gets cold in the winter

    ❌ Very damp now

    ❌ Difficult to make friends

    ❌ Many people smoke tobacco

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    Great for a visit. Beautiful scenery. Good food. I thought it would be great to live here start a startup and be in the same time zone as SF, close to Seattle, etc. But compared to Vancouver in 2009, one big change that totally ruined it for me: Absolute zombie apocalypse of drug addicts and shouting/violent home less people. It was shockingly bad. The locals often visibly carry naxalone (anti-overdose medicine, I learned) because there are so many people overdosing in the street. Police were nowhere to be seen. Such a shame, I would have loved to live in this beautiful city otherwise.

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    I live here and I can tell you that many of the stats listed are wrong. Getting an edible dinner for $10 is an utter fantasy. Typically that's what you pay for an appetizer. A 1-bdr in the city centre will cost you at least $1600 but probably more like $2000+ and chances are it will be a hell-hole at those prices. The night life is indeed terrible here. The saving grace is that there's dozens of micro-brewery pubs with very interesting beer very close to the city centre. But they're legally required to close at 23:00 and after that your options are mostly trash unless you happen to have insider knowledge about arty happenings. Most of the night life is so bad that it will make you feel like a tourist even if you're a local. There is no Uber or ride-sharing of any kind here the taxi lobby is far too strong. Tipping? Absolutely yes, minimum 15%! People that work in restaurants here cannot survive on their meagre wages. A really important thing to know is that listed prices here never include tax, so everything costs 12% more than you thought it would -- and at a restaurant your cost including taxes and tip will be at least 30% more than what you see on the menu. Don't come here unless you're looking for a quiet retirement. Go to Seoul or Berlin or Montreal instead. It will be cheaper, more social, more cultured, more fun, and there will be a lot more to do.

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    I think the reviews here a bit overly negative. It's true it's a city with a not of nightlife or activity but that's not why people move to Vancouver. You move to Vancouver if you want a relaxed lifestyle with beautiful nature and access to the outdoors, fresh air, and a good climate (by Canadian standards), without having to give up on the comforts of a city-lifestyle. While it's expensive, you mostly get quality. My rental is not that much more expensive than I paid in many european cities, yet I get a completely modern flat with mountain views, and countless amenities (gym, pool, sauna). It's true Vancouver housing is expensive, but usually it's very high quality. For food, Vancouver has some of the best selection of asian cuisine you can find, and the prices are quite reasonable imo. If you want a nightlife oriented life, or a crazy vibrant urban experience, you won't find it in Vancouver. If you want a calm base in one of the most naturally beautiful regions in the world, and are willing to spend a bit of money for it, then Vancouver is a good fit. I've lived in 10+ cities and Vanouver may be my favorite, although it's true it's not for everyone.

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    There is a new coworking space called FreeSpace that is only $49.99 per month and offers access to all three locations (Kits Chinatown, Yaletown). The way it works is FreeSpace partners with local restaurants that are only open in the evenings and transforms them into unique, comfortable and affordable drop in coworking spaces during the day while the restaurant is closed. The don't have private boardrooms or phone booths for confidential exchanges, but they do have free coffee, outlets at every seat, and super fast Wifi (300mbps- I was surprised!). It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that a lot of other coworking spaces available but if you are just looking for somewhere to stop in, grab a coffee, and get to work, this is an excellent alternative at a fraction of the cost. Check it out www.thisfreespace.com

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    Read the review that starts "I live here and I can tell you that many of the stats listed are wrong" - its spot on accurate I will add to that - Vancouver is brain-numbingly boring and dead. There is noticeable and toxic mix of pedestrians cyclists and car drivers. Mix in a very Vancouver trait of entitlement, and watch the the passive aggression fly. Vancouverites generally are a cold bunch making it difficult for newcomers. Worst of all they believe in their own created hype that live in the best world-class city. It does get annoying. Pretty, yes, in places, good mountains, excellent outdoors. Beyond that, dead!

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    Reviewing from permanent resident perspective. Excellent place to be if you have young kids; tons of parks playgrounds, activities, and family-oriented. I can see how it wouldn't appeal much to single long-stay visitors. I call it "Singaportland" when trying to describe the vibe to remote colleagues. Clean, safe, orderly, but a bit constructed. You pay a serious CoL tax for the perks. Zero appeal for Chiang-Mai-nomad types, based on pricing and culture.

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