• Starring: Michael Todd Chrisley; Julie Chrisley;

  • For a huge portion of his time on Chrisley Knows Best, his family lived in a huge mansion in Georgia. In recent years, filming has been moved to their brand new house in Nashville.

    Beside above, where do the Chrisleys really live? The Chrisleys moved from Georgia to Tennessee a few years ago. In May, Southern Living published a feature on their sprawling mansion in Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville. Julie bought the 11,000-square-foot property in early April for nearly .38 million, according to Realtor.com.

    People also ask, do the Chrisleys really live in that house?

    Meanwhile, Chrisley moved his family from Georgia into a “more modest” .6 million home in Nashville, where there are no state income taxes. However, in 2019, the family decided to upgrade and purchased a .4 million home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Nashville.

    Where do Todd and Julie chrisley live?

    Todd and Julie Chrisley, the husband-and-wife duo behind USA Networks Chrisley Knows Best are new homeowners in Brentwood, a posh suburb about 20 minutes outside of downtown Nashville. According to Realtor.com, the couple bought their 11,000-square-foot home for ,375,000 earlier this spring.

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