• If you want to remove the links from a watch band and the links use round or flat pins, you'll need a spring bar tool or a pin pusher to remove the pins. Use your tool to carefully push back the spring bar from the watch strap clasp, then push the pins so they slide out from the link you are going to remove.

  • Remove Links There are small arrows on the back of the bracelet showing where the cotter pins come out. Place the watch in the holder or on the foam with the arrows are facing downwards. Using the hammer, lightly tap the end of the push-pin tool over the cotter pins until you can no longer push the pin inside the link.

    do Jewellers charge to remove watch links? So it depends, but you shouldnt have to spend more than - for the fix. My DH is able to remove links from most of my watches. If I do take them to my jeweler, yes he removes them for free. I think if you buy the watch from the jeweler they should not charge you for removing links.

    People also ask, what stores remove watch links for free?

    Heres where to get watch links removed for free/where to get a watch fitted in general.

    Where to Get a Watch Fitted for Free

    • Belk.
    • Dillards.
    • Fossil.
    • JCPenney.
    • Kohls.
    • Macys.
    • Michael Kors.
    • Nordstrom.

    Should I wear my watch tight or loose?

    Your watch wears too tight if its leaving imprints on your skin. Instead, your watch should be loose enough that it slides around just a bit on your wrist. If you find that your watch is either too big or too small, you can take it to a local watchmaker.

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