• Risk Factors: High sodium diet

  • Hypertension is diagnosed when blood pressure consistently measures >130 mmHg systolic and >80 mmHg diastolic. Your doctor may also use lab tests or imaging tests to diagnose some of the causes or complications of hypertension.

    Secondly, what is a nursing diagnosis example? An example of an actual nursing diagnosis is: Sleep deprivation. Describes human responses to health conditions/life processes that may develop in a vulnerable individual/family/community. It is supported by risk factors that contribute to increased vulnerability. An example of a risk diagnosis is: Risk for shock.

    Just so, is hypertension a medical diagnosis?

    Elevated blood pressure is 120 to 129 and less than 80. Hypertension is blood pressure that is greater than 130/80. To make the diagnosis of hypertension, at least three readings that are elevated are usually required.

    What does Nanda stand for?

    North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

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