• Extra virgin olive oil tastes better than “neutral oils” like canola and vegetable oil. We've found you can substitute olive oil for other oils on a one-for-one basis. If a recipe, say, calls for half a cup of vegetable oil, use the same amount of extra virgin olive oil.

  • In addition, all vegetable oils, including olive oil, are pure fat and contain about 120 calories per tablespoon. Using olive oil instead of other vegetable oils wont affect the caloric content. If your reason for using olive oil in baking recipes is flavor, you may find success.

    Subsequently, question is, what can I substitute for vegetable oil in muffins? The following may be substituted cup for cup for vegetable oil in baked goods:

    1. Applesauce, preferably unsweetened.
    2. Banana, ripe and mashed.
    3. Butter, melted.
    4. Cauliflower – unseasoned, cooked, and pureed.
    5. Ghee.
    6. Margarine, melted.
    7. Mayonnaise.
    8. Pumpkin, cooked and pureed.

    Simply so, can I use olive oil in muffins?

    Turns out, it does. There are many upsides to baking with olive oil. Some baked goods, like biscotti, Mediterranean-style fruit cakes, and olive bread, are traditionally made with olive oil. But you can also use it as an easy replacement for melted butter or vegetable oil in many muffin recipes and quick bread recipes.

    What can be substituted for vegetable oil in baking?

    If you need to substitute vegetable oil in a recipe, olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, butter and applesauce make good alternatives.

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