• When you order from Omaha Steaks, your satisfaction is always unconditionally guaranteed so you can order with complete confidence. If at any time you have problems with an order, simply contact Customer Service. Our Toll-Free phone number is 800-228-9872.

  • Order Status Attention! Please provide your order confirmation number below to check on the status of your order. You will find your order confirmation number in the email you received shortly after you placed your order.

    Furthermore, can you return Omaha Steaks? Omaha Steaks money-back guarantee: Omaha Steaks offers a great money-back guarantee on omahasteaks.com. You can make any purchase and be guarantee your purchase price back if youre not satisfied on Omaha Steaks site or in-store.

    Also, are Omaha steaks shipped fresh or frozen?

    Our steaks are shipped fresh, never frozen, in vacuum-sealed packages. Your order will be hand-packed in a Styrofoam cooler with cool packs. (We do not use dry ice.) All Greater Omaha steaks are shipped FedEx Overnight.

    Can you use EBT at Omaha Steaks?

    Currently, our customers can purchase fast food items with their EBT card from Subway, Jimmy Johns, Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Panera Bread, Jamba Juice, and Omaha Steaks (More Coming Soon!)

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