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    • Serbia, country in the west-central Balkans.
    • For most of the 20th century, it was a part of Yugoslavia.

    Serbia has so much to offer, here are some of the things Serbia is known for.

    • Belgrade: Revelling in the intriguing melange of faded Yugonostalgia, cutting-edge Balkan cool and fascinating history.
    • Tara National Park: Hiking, rafting on the Drina or riding a narrow-gauge railway around the most scenic slice of Serbia.
    • Đerdap National Park: Cycling or cruising through the Danube's astounding Iron Gates gorge and millennia of history.
    • Studenica Monastery: Admiring ancient fresco masterpieces in this Unesco-listed, white-marble 12th-century monastery.
    • Uvac Canyon: Spotting the mighty griffon vulture from a boat gliding through the zigzagging Uvac river.
    • Subotica: Gawking at the marvellous art nouveau architecture of this leafy town in Vojvodina province.
    • Rajac Wine Cellars: Tasting the native drops in Negotin region's atmospheric 19th-century wine villages.
    • EXIT Festival: Joining thousands of revellers each July for eclectic beats at Novi Sad's formidable fortress.

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