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    It would appear that mediocre has become more so, but poor is still considered to be worse than mediocre. below an average level. If you want to say something is objectively below average, this would be an adequate word.

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    So, mediocre is only and exclusively derogatory, slightly harsher than ordinary and about the same as nothing to write home about. Average is better used in its strictly mathematical/statistical sense.

    Also Know, does mediocre mean bad? of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate: The car gets only mediocre mileage, but its fun to drive. not satisfactory; poor; inferior: Mediocre construction makes that building dangerous.

    Also Know, is mediocre the same as average?

    As adjectives the difference between mediocre and average is that mediocre is ordinary: not extraordinary; not special, exceptional, or great; of medium quality; while average is (not comparable) constituting or relating to the average.

    What is the synonym of mediocre?

    Synonyms: mean(a), modal(a), second-rate, reasonable, intermediate, fair(a), medium, bonnie, comely, middling, bonny, ordinary, just, average, median(a), sightly, clean, fair, fairish, honest. Antonyms: good, extraordinary, superior. mediocre(adj)

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