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    • Bangladesh is located in Asia.

    • Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. The official name of Bangladesh is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. With the eighth largest population in the world, Bangladesh is the tenth largest based on population density, and the ninety-second largest based on total area.

    • The total area of Bangladesh is 56,980 square miles. Approximately 53,333 square miles of Bangladesh are land area, while the remaining 3,647 square miles are comprised of water. Of the total area, Bangladesh is 93.6% land and 6.4% water.

    • To the west, north, and east of Bangladesh lies India. The Bay of Bengal borders Bangladesh in the south. The northernmost point of Bangladesh is an inland port on the island called Banglabandha. In the south, the most extreme point is on St. Martin’s Island, in a town called Chlera Dwip. The easternmost point of Bangladesh is Akhainthong, while the westernmost point is Manakasha Union.

    • The population of Bangladesh is 167,095,963 people. To calculate the population density, we can divide the population by the total area. When it comes to Bangladesh, the population density is 2,932.5 people per square mile. Since people can only be counted in whole numbers, population densities are usually rounded up to the nearest whole number. That said, the population density is approximately 2,933 people per square mile.

    • On average, the level of elevation in Bangladesh hovers around 30 feet above sea level. The lowest point of elevation is along the southern border of Bangladesh where the country touches the waters of the Bay of Bengal. When it comes to determining the highest point of elevation in Bangladesh, there is a bit of discussion surrounding the true tallest point.

    • Some claim that the highest point of elevation is atop Saka Haphong, a point located in the southern hills. Others say that a mountain peak in Bandarban by the name of Keokradong has the highest altitude in the country. While the exact elevation level is not quite clear, people speculate that it ranges between 3,235 and 4,035 feet above sea level.

    • Bangladesh is located at a latitude of 23.6850° N and a longitude of 90.3563° E. Bangladesh is six hours ahead of Global Mountain Time, operating in the Bangladesh Standard Time Zone.

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