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    • Romania is located in Europe.

    • Romania is known as the country between three regions of the southeastern, central, and eastern areas of Europe. As such, Romania is a European country situated between Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. The Black Sea also borders Romania along its southeasternmost border.

    • Romania has a total area of 88,869 square miles. With only 2,667 square miles of water sources, Romania is primarily land, with a total of 86,203 square miles of land areas. Romania is 3% water and 97% land.

    • The most recent census of 2018 reports that Romania’s population is 19,536,579 people. Comparatively, the population is about 0.26% of the world’s total population. Looking at the population as the only determining factor, Romania is the 60th largest country in the world.

    • The population density of Romania is about 219.8, and by rounding this number to the nearest whole number, it is clear that there are approximately 220 people per Romanian square mile.

    • The GPS coordinates of Romania consist of a latitude of 45.9432° N, and a longitude of 24.9668° E. Romania is in the northern and eastern hemispheres as well.

    • Romania’s most extreme point in the north is found in a city called Horodiştea within the Botoșani County limits. The northernmost point also happens to be part of a region called Moldavia. Comprising much of northeastern Romania, Moldavia is a historically significant area of the country. The southernmost point of Romania is situated at a latitude of 43°38’ N. This point falls on the Bulgarian-Romanian border is also part of a historically significant region of Romania. Located in Teleorman County, the most extreme point of southern Romania is part of the historically significant area of Muntenia, similar to the northernmost point.

    • In the east, Romania stretches as far as 29°40’ N to a small town called Sulina. Located within the confines of Tulcea County, Sulina is situated along the Danube Delta, a river delta in Europe. With a total area of 1,994 square miles, the Danube Delta is the second largest delta on the entire continent. To the west, the most extreme point of Romania is in a small village by the name of Beba Veche. As part of Timiș County, the westernmost point is on the border shared by Romania, Hungary, and Serbia.

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