• What languages are spoken in Montenegro?

  • According to the 2011 censusAt the last census of Montenegro , in 2011, results for language were:265,895 people speak Serbian language - (42,88%)229,251 people speak Montenegrin language - (36.97%)32,671 people speak Albanian language - (5.27%)33,077 people speak Bosnian language - (5,33%)3,662 people speak Bosniak language - (0,59%)12,559 people speak Serbo-Croatian language - (2,03%)2,791 people speak Croatian language - (0,45%)(other languages are spoken by less than 2,000 people)

    In 2008 the government of Montenegro changed the official language from Serbian to Montenegrin. It is possible that at the next census more people will say that they speak Montenegrin.
    Most of the ethnic Montenegrins speak Montenegrin language - Given the fact that about 45% of the population of Montenegro declares themselves as ethnic Montenegrins, and about 37% declared that they speak Montenegrin language.

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