• The circle with a horizontal line throughthe middle is a new symbol from Android meaning that youturned on Interruption Mode. When you you turn on Interruption Modeand the circle with line though it shows it, itmeans that the settings is set to “None” on theGalaxy S7.

  • Circle with slash means you tapped the volumebutton and then selected None. It means you are in silentmode.

    what does a circle with a line through it mean in engineering? The ∅ symbol is always drawn as a slashedcircle, whereas in most typefaces the letter Ø is aslashed ellipse. The diameter symbol is used extensively inengineering drawings, and it is also seen anywhere thatabbreviating diameter is useful, such as on cameralenses.

    Also know, how do I get rid of the circle on my Android?

    Disable device in the Circle App

    1. Open the Circle app and go to Menu >> Circle Go.
    2. Swipe left on the device youd like to disable. (On an Androiddevice, long press on the device.)
    3. Tap Delete.

    What symbol is a circle with a diagonal line through it?

    English: The no symbol (also known as aprohibition sign, no sign, circle-backslash symbol,nay, interdictory circle, or universal no) is a circlewith a diagonal line through it (running from top left tobottom right), surrounding a pictogram used to indicate somethingis not permitted.

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