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    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Go to the calendar and double click the date of your event.
    3. Fill in the name of the event, the location and the time.
    4. Set the reminder to “1 day” so Outlook reminds them the day before.
    5. It's often useful to include a Google Maps link or directions to the location, in the event body.
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    We love the option of sending save the date emails as it is a huge money saver. Typically, your save the date should go out 6-8 months before the wedding date.

    Save The Date Email Wording

    1. Name of the couple.
    2. Wedding Date.
    3. Location / Venue.
    4. Mention that an invitation will follow.

    Furthermore, what do you write on Save the dates? The save-the-date should definitely include your and your fiancés names, wedding date (or dates, for a wedding weekend), location (a town or city is helpful, even if the venue isnt booked yet) and a notice for a formal invitation to follow.

    Similarly, how do I turn an email into a calendar event in Outlook?

    Turn an Outlook email into a Outlook calendar appointment:

    1. Click on the email you want to convert to a Outlook calendar appointment.
    2. Holding down the left mouse key, drag the email to your Calendar folder and drop it.
    3. The new calendar appointment dialog will appear with the email subject in the appointment Subject line.

    Are Email save the dates tacky?

    Electronic save-the-dates arent tacky. With e-save-the-dates, you likely have many, if not all, of your guests email addresses, and its easy to choose your design, pay online, upload your addresses and send, all with a few clicks.

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