• When a recipe simply calls for “paprika,” it's referring to sweet paprika. The most commonly used paprika is made from bright, sweet red peppers, making for a spice that doesn't have much heat at all. Instead, its flavor is fruity and a little bitter.

  • As a spicing ingredient, Paprika is added in certain dishes to bring out some flavor and color. These are the sweet paprika and the regular paprika. Otherwise known as plain paprika or simply paprika, this powder is often made neither hot nor sweet. Often, it is even characterized as having a fairly bland taste.

    Furthermore, can you use regular paprika instead of sweet paprika? Not much difference between regular and sweet paprika. Your regular is sweet, just probably not from Hungary, and likely has less flavor than a good Hungarian sweet paprika. Sometimes a pinch or two of sugar in a dish can assist or emulate the flavor of Hungarian sweet paprika, but thats totally optional.

    Hereof, what can I use in place of sweet paprika?

    Chipotle powder is a good substitute for sweet paprika to give a spicy taste to the dishes instead of a sweet flavor. Red pepper flakes are made by crushing dried spicy red peppers. Red pepper flakes have a hot, spicy and sometimes smoky flavor, like paprika.

    Is there a difference between smoked and sweet paprika?

    Yes, they are both paprikas, but this is not a perfect substitution by any means. The big smoky flavor of smoked paprika is often too big for recipes calling for regular sweet paprika. And regular sweet paprika doesnt have a strong enough flavor to pair well with hearty dishes.

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